What We Do

  • CPD (Continuing professional development )
    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) designates the period of education and training of doctors commencing after completion of basic medical education and postgraduate  Read More
  • CRE (Continuing Religious Education)
    Practicing evidence based religion is the cornerstone of success in life for a Muslim healthcare professional (HCP). Over the past decade, considerable research has emerged Read More
  • Health Education Campaign
    Educating the community regarding the principles of healthcare is the need of the day. Keeping in mind the poor literacy rate, the awareness regarding Read More
  • Medical Aid in Jails
    MMM has been working in jail since years trying to suffice the medical needs as well as giving Dawah to the prisoners so that they become peaceful and Read More
  •  Save Vision
    Eyes are a gift from Almighty and we must take care of them. Due to prevailing poverty and lack of medical infrastructure a huge proportion of Read More
  • Training Programs
    Basic life Support is a basic technique of saving lives during emergency situations. At a very basic level, BSL involves securing the proper circulation, Read More
  • Free Medical Services
    Free Medical Services are the essence of our performance. We provide them in various ways.Read More